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Motivo Marmo Collection

When it comes to covering your interior walls, why don’t you try the Motivo Marmo collection? We have a wide range of colours and styles to suit every home! The Motivo Marmo collection is the perfect answer to your DIY question about how to manage your interior walls. It takes away the need for plastering and removes the task of having to paint or wallpaper.

The easy to install panels can be used in any area of your house, including bathrooms or wet rooms due to their water-resistant nature. Simply stick the panels to the wall and enjoy long-lasting, quick to clean patterns that come with a 5-year guarantee. With so many choices available, there will be a Motivo wall available for any style, whether traditional, modern, or fun!


These panels are an excellent alternative to tiles, being easy to install and maintain over time. They are made from a high specification PVC allowing for strong construction, while simultaneously being light and easy to handle.

Average panel dimensions:
*2.65m (Length), 250mm (Width), 8mm (Depth)

* Exact dimensions can be found on individual product listings

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