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Luvanto Click

The Luvanto Click is a revolutionary style of flooring that is proving popular with homeowners who are searching for a flooring that can be laid quickly with minimal fuss, yet gives a long-lasting charm to any room in your home. No glue is needed when fitting, it just slides into place and you can walk on it right away. While it can be used in spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms to bring a modern aesthetic, it is also an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens, as it is fully waterproof so moisture won’t affect it. Available in a variety of colours and textures, this slip resistant flooring is ideal for the elderly, or a household with children.

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  • ANTIQUE OAK Floor CladdingANTIQUE OAK Floor Cladding
    Luvanto Click


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  • Aquamax Beige Granite Wall CladdingAquamax Beige Granite Shower Panel Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Carrera White Marble Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Florina White Marble Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Frost White Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Gloss White Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Granite Shower Wall CladdingAquamax Granite Shower Wall Panel Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Grey Stone Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Light Grey Marble Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Light Silver Granite Wall Cladding
  • Aquamax Matt Finish Light Grey Marble Wall Cladding
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