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Santorini White Tile

Best known for its beautiful white and blue architecture and volcanic, rugged landscape, the island of Santorini in the Greek Cyclades has inspired this white tile PVC wall panel. Boasting a textured white surface, these wall panels perfectly reflect the local buildings’ classic style, allowing you to bring a hint of Aegean beauty to your …

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Concrete Tile

Bring a touch of the latest industrial chic into your bathroom with these timeless yet effortlessly stylish concrete tile PVC wall panels. Speedy to install and a breeze to maintain, these wall panels are an attractive low maintenance solution with a matt surface that creates a contemporary look that is sure to enhance your home …

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White Shimmer

Add a touch of instant glamour to your walls with these stunning white shimmer PVC wall panels. Simple to fit and easy to clean, these beautiful low maintenance white panels have just a hint of sparkle that adds a luxurious and elegant touch to your bathroom. The sleek, glossy finish only brings an even more …

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Santorini White Aquamax Tile

Famous for its spectacular blue and white buildings and its rugged volcanic landscape, the Greek island of Santorini is the inspiration for the Aquamax Santorini tile. With its white textured surface, it perfectly reflects the classic style of the local white architecture, bringing a touch of the Aegean to any bathroom to enhance its style …

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Paros Grey Aquamax Tile

The Greek Island of Paros in the Aegean Sea was once famous for its marble and today, this stylish grey tile takes the essence of this luxurious material and gives it a modern twist for today’s contemporary bathrooms. With their authentic texture and good looks, these grey tiles have a soft appeal that brings a …

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Andros Stone Aquamax Tile

With a beautiful natural touch, these Aquamax Andros Stone tiles capture the essence of the Greek islands in their timeless elegance. The Aegean islands boast a landscape scattered with dry stone walls, and these tiles take their inspiration from this tradition, with a soft and neutral colour scheme that looks stunning and sophisticated in any …

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Metro Tile Wall Cladding

Metro Tile

Metro Tile Wall PanelMetro Tile Wall PanelMetro Tile Wall PanelMetro Tile Wall PanelMetro Tile Wall PanelMetro Tile Wall PanelMetro Tile Wall Panel

Metro Tile Wall Panel Dimensions:
2.8m (Length), 250mm (Width), 8mm (Depth)


This new Metro Tile Wall Panel is constructed from a high-quality specification PVC making it resistant to high-impact hits and knocks.


Love tiles, but hate grout?  You need the Metro Tile wall panel from Titan.  This ultra-modern panel features a realistic tile effect without messy grout.  Its sleek and geometric brick tiles have a cool and contemporary appeal, rendered in gloss white (which is easy to wipe clean).

You could book an installer, but you’ll find these tongue-and-groove panels are pretty simple to fit – how soon do you want them?

Sandringham Slate Wall Cladding

Sandringham Tile

Sandringham TileSandringham TileSandringham TileSandringham TileSandringham TileSandringham TileSandringham Tile

Panel Dimensions:
2.8m (Length), 250mm (Width), 8mm (Depth)


This panel is constructed from a high-quality specification PVC making it resistant to high-impact hits and knocks.


With an elegant and neutral finish, Sandringham Tile slate brings five-star style to your bathroom.  Styled with a classic slate effect, this wall panel could be used to add an organic look to period properties as well as contemporary builds.  The large size and tongue-and-groove edges make it easy to fit, and the watertight, grout-free surface is a valuable asset in busy households.   So you can enjoy the timeless warmth of natural slate – with every modern convenience.

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